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Be Happy!

WHOAH, i went INSANE this time,

This week, we have 'Be Happy! Koi no Yajirobee' by 3rd gen Tanpopo, the song was good, and the people were good in it, but the fact they call it Tanpopo makes me sick, BLEURGH, best Tanpopo ever was first gen!!
anyway, onto the pictures! they are big, and if you save them and then go fast through them, it makes them move, ooooooo,

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Really? I LOVED LOVED LOVE LOVED 2nd gen Tanpopo!

I liked the song a lot, but the choreography/outfits were iffy. XD I've never really liked Shiba-chan or Rika, either. ^^; But Konno & Risa are amazing.

Thanks for the caps ^^