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Opening it up. 
10:34am 27/09/2007
mood: creative
Hey guys, I've lost a LOT of interest in H!P these days, due to general crappiness, and I was wondering if anyone was with me on changing this community to a style-guide comm? Including fashion, make-up, whats hot, celebrities (including J-pop celebs) etc? The name would stay the same, just for old-times sake, but it wouldn't be H!P related anymore. How does that sound to everyone?

PS: Theres too many H!P communities anyway, losing one is not going to kill anyone.  
102 Jpop Icons 
10:03pm 20/05/2007
  ★ 1-22 - hitomi
★ 23 - Sifow
★ 24-35 - 安倍麻美
★ 26-29 - 安倍なつみ
★ 30-31 - 道重さゆみ
★ 32-35 - 新垣里沙
★ 36-40 - 久住小春
★ 41-48 - 飯田圭織
★ 49-58 - 後藤真希
★ 59-76 - 美勇伝
★ 77-102 - GAM [松浦亜弥,藤本美貴]

( Do it!Now.)
Risa's 3rd Solo PB! 
11:08pm 28/04/2007
  source x

Yup! It looks like Risa's getting a 3rd Solo PB named "Isshun" which translates to moment or instant~~~
Due for release on 25th May~ comes with a Making-of DVD too.
My Jap isn't good enough to read.. but it mentions a white bikini!! And it's shot in Okinawa~ something about it being a transition from cute youth (?) to adulthood.

How awesome is this news? First the Alo-Hello, now another PB! They're really dishing out the Risa LOVE.

Although I'm starting to think it's fishy to have so many PBs from one member at once. Maybe this is the "Alo-Hello", like Kamei's 17sai which was also shot in Hawaii?
09:24pm 12/04/2007
mood: discontent

Look. I don't want this community to become one of those dead 'MM member' communities. How about we get things going a bit? And since hardly any of you replied last time. Maybe this will help. 

Yes. I am speaking to you! Members of Mayuge_beam! Please! Who would be willing to participate in a weekly or bi-weekly contest? Wallpaper, Icons, whatever! I think it would be great! 

Maybe we should also start writing a fanfiction? Putting a book together to send to Niigaki herself from all the fans? Fan-art contest! Theres plenty of things we can do. SO STOP SLACKING and reply to this post! 
Do it! Or Risa will hate you
 "Do it! now bitches! Pun intended!"

Keep the Risa love alive.

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New DVD + PB! 
01:38am 31/03/2007
  Risa is getting an Alo-Hello DVD + PB! I'm so excited for her! Yaaaay!

Her hair looks funny in the new single!
Yahoo! New Updation 
12:14pm 12/08/2006
mood: creative
Okay guys we really need to keep this community afloat. So I want to hear suggestions from everyone right now. A weekly/two weekly icontest featuring Risa and friends? Perhaps instead of an icontest, a Wallpaper contest? Quizzes? Anything else anyone can think of? I want to hear as many creative ideas as you can, so we can get this community back up and make it really great!
New Risa PB! 
08:57am 27/05/2006
mood: accomplished
A NEW Risa Niigaki Photobook will be released on June 23!! About bloody time!! Poor Makoto never got a second one ;_;. I am really really psyched about this! 

Now all i need is Sayu getting another one and i will be happy the whole year! yaywoo!
11:13am 20/05/2006
mood: curious
SO! what does everyone think of this double Konno/Ogawa grad? I wonder how TakaAi and Risa are feeling O-o, and now, Hitomi will have to sex Fujimoto for her fix! LOL
06:28pm 19/03/2006
  Hey guys! It's time for the results of the Morning Musume member ranking poll I took. Sorry for the delay, but I was having computer difficulties.

Anyway, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, I asked people to rank their favorite MM members from 1 - 10, 1 being their favorite and 10 being their least favorite. The results are as follows: the girl with the lowest score is one who got the most favorable positions and the one with the highest score got the most least favorable. I'll say who got which spot, what their overall score was, where they scored highest and where they scored lowest.

71 people participated and I'd like to thank you all very much! It was fun and interesting. :D

Drumroll... X)Collapse )

This has been x-posted to each community I posted the voting in. Sorry if it floods your friends page!
08:44pm 09/03/2006
  I want to conduct a little experiment. The Morning Musume BBS that I lurk on recently did this. Each person ranked their favorite current Morning Musume members 1 - 10 and then someone listed all the totals, summing up who is the average favorite, least favorite, etc. By reading both what the BBS fanbase and the LJ fanbase's opinions are so regularly, I've really noticed how different they can be. I think the biggest difference is that there seems to be a lot more girls in the LJ fanbase and more guys in the BBS fanbase. I'd like to see if LJ's results drastically differ. :)

SO! Please rank your favorite current Morning Musume members 1 - 10. One being your favorite, 10 being your least favorite. If you're like me, you like them all, so just rank your very favorite to the one you're most indifferent towards. :)

After one week I'll total all the results and see what happens. I'm crossposting this a million times so I can get the largest group of results possible, so if I'm flooding your friends page, I apologize. XD; Please, only post your top ten in ONE community. That makes it A LOT easier for me to tally the results.

My top 10!Collapse )

By the way, here's the original thread, in case you're interested in seeing how they conducted things and what the results were.

Thank you! <3
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Hello! I'm new 
08:47am 14/01/2006
mood: hyper
Hi, I just joined this community ^^ I'm a huge fan of the 5th generation

SurveyCollapse )
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Happy Birthday! 
02:24am 08/10/2005
mood: tired
Risa's birthday is coming in 12 days! Happy birthday sweet angel! heres a big, BIG pic i got on kakko-ii.
also, NEW LAYOUT FINALLY *le gasp*
Risa-nessCollapse )
09:26am 19/07/2005
  I'm here for a long time but I still never had a survey so

surveeey~Collapse )
MM new single 
05:07pm 21/06/2005
mood: confused
'Irropoi Jirettai' i believe it is called? it is the first single with Koharu, and Miki and Ai T will be leading YET AGAIN. its like those 2 have become the new Nacchi/Maki thing, but this time, its ANNOYING instead of common, i LOVE miki and airin like the next person but im bloody sick of them! the 3rd lead will be Reina, which i guess is good to see but she lead Shabondama -.- with the good amount of airtime Risa got in Osaka koi no Uta i was crossing my fingers to see her get a lead but i guess its not to be ;_; apparently Yossi and Eri get plenty of time too. When are we going to see Risa and/or Makoto lead a song? EVER? *cries*

does anyone have a radio preview of it or anything?
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Love Bars 
11:26pm 30/04/2005
mood: silly
I want some Rainbow LJ 'Is Love' Bars! Is anyone really good at making them? here is what id like.
Risa Niigaki Love Bar
Kei Yasuda Love Bar
Aya Ishiguro Love Bar
Tanpopo First Generation Love Bar
Morning Musume 1998 lineup (1st and 2nd gen only) Love Bar

Can anyone help-ish?
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The future of Momusu 
01:19am 24/04/2005
mood: determined
What does it entail? here are a few questions for you to ponder, ^_^

1. Whose next to graduate?
I'm going to say Ai Takahashi, she has so much potential for an awesome solo career, and Miki hasnt been there long enough yet, so yeah, Airin ^^
2. OMG! Whats going to happen to Mari?
She'll host a TV Show here and there, will she still be in the H!P? only time will tell
3. How many more singles before Momusu cark it?
I'll give them.....8-10, it will be lucky if they get that many though.
4. How many 7th gen?
im going to say 2 or 3, since he has 5 finalists it would be cruel to pick 4 and one gets rejected.
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Yaguchi Mari ;( 
01:10pm 17/04/2005
mood: disappointed
So what does everyone think about Mari suddenly upping and leaving Morning Musume and possibly the whole hello! project? I think its something much more then just a couple of pictures in a magazine, its gotta be something else...pregnancy? marriage? something like that?

what do you all think?

and Yossi is Momusu's new leader!!! i think she will do an AWESOME job.
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Osaka koi no Uta 
11:56am 02/04/2005
mood: distressed

Hi Everyone, as promised, Here are the radio previews for Osaka Koi no Uta and the c/w called 'Nature is Good' which is an extremely odd title, but it sounds like a good song, someone said that Osaka koi no Uta reminds them of 'Hey Baby' by No Doubt, and it does a little bit!

Oh! and you GOTTA see these little caricatures i made of the Morning Musume gens, they are extremely simple, basically just heads, but i really hope you like them!! I did them with their trademark hairstyles, so thats why Kaori still has her long hair ^^

Mp3's and charactersCollapse )

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New Single :) 
06:24pm 01/04/2005
mood: crazy
Hello everyone!
Has everyone heard the radio previews of Morning Musume's new single 'Osaka Koi no Uta' and the c/w Nature is Good? they are surprisingly a LOT better then i thought they would be, i already like Osaka koi no Uta better then Manpower, if you havent heard them yet, i can upload them here ^_^ <3
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Be Happy! 
09:56pm 27/02/2005
mood: weird

WHOAH, i went INSANE this time,

This week, we have 'Be Happy! Koi no Yajirobee' by 3rd gen Tanpopo, the song was good, and the people were good in it, but the fact they call it Tanpopo makes me sick, BLEURGH, best Tanpopo ever was first gen!!
anyway, onto the pictures! they are big, and if you save them and then go fast through them, it makes them move, ooooooo,

I went crazy!Collapse )

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