April 12th, 2007


Look. I don't want this community to become one of those dead 'MM member' communities. How about we get things going a bit? And since hardly any of you replied last time. Maybe this will help. 

Yes. I am speaking to you! Members of Mayuge_beam! Please! Who would be willing to participate in a weekly or bi-weekly contest? Wallpaper, Icons, whatever! I think it would be great! 

Maybe we should also start writing a fanfiction? Putting a book together to send to Niigaki herself from all the fans? Fan-art contest! Theres plenty of things we can do. SO STOP SLACKING and reply to this post! 
Do it! Or Risa will hate you
 "Do it! now bitches! Pun intended!"

Keep the Risa love alive.

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