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Osaka koi no Uta

Hi Everyone, as promised, Here are the radio previews for Osaka Koi no Uta and the c/w called 'Nature is Good' which is an extremely odd title, but it sounds like a good song, someone said that Osaka koi no Uta reminds them of 'Hey Baby' by No Doubt, and it does a little bit!

Oh! and you GOTTA see these little caricatures i made of the Morning Musume gens, they are extremely simple, basically just heads, but i really hope you like them!! I did them with their trademark hairstyles, so thats why Kaori still has her long hair ^^ <<< Osaka koi no Uta  <<< Nature is Good! << My 4th gen Caricatures << My 2nd gen Caricatures

for some reason, Image shack was being a BITCH and wouldnt let me upload any of my other caricatures >< when it decides to start working again ill upload the rest ^^

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thanks for the mp3s *^^*
Aww. Very cute caricatures! The PV preview is also out! Its only ten seconds long though.

Are you on the JPM forums? oO;
Nope! im not on really any forums anymore, cant really be bothered ><
IM NOT HAVING THEM SCREW SMAP because ITS A YURI FANFIC! they are coupled with each other! not guys!!!