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The future of Momusu

What does it entail? here are a few questions for you to ponder, ^_^

1. Whose next to graduate?
I'm going to say Ai Takahashi, she has so much potential for an awesome solo career, and Miki hasnt been there long enough yet, so yeah, Airin ^^
2. OMG! Whats going to happen to Mari?
She'll host a TV Show here and there, will she still be in the H!P? only time will tell
3. How many more singles before Momusu cark it?
I'll give them.....8-10, it will be lucky if they get that many though.
4. How many 7th gen?
im going to say 2 or 3, since he has 5 finalists it would be cruel to pick 4 and one gets rejected.
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