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MM new single

'Irropoi Jirettai' i believe it is called? it is the first single with Koharu, and Miki and Ai T will be leading YET AGAIN. its like those 2 have become the new Nacchi/Maki thing, but this time, its ANNOYING instead of common, i LOVE miki and airin like the next person but im bloody sick of them! the 3rd lead will be Reina, which i guess is good to see but she lead Shabondama -.- with the good amount of airtime Risa got in Osaka koi no Uta i was crossing my fingers to see her get a lead but i guess its not to be ;_; apparently Yossi and Eri get plenty of time too. When are we going to see Risa and/or Makoto lead a song? EVER? *cries*

does anyone have a radio preview of it or anything?
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