namida (ickle_nami) wrote in mayuge_beam,

Risa's 3rd Solo PB!

source x

Yup! It looks like Risa's getting a 3rd Solo PB named "Isshun" which translates to moment or instant~~~
Due for release on 25th May~ comes with a Making-of DVD too.
My Jap isn't good enough to read.. but it mentions a white bikini!! And it's shot in Okinawa~ something about it being a transition from cute youth (?) to adulthood.

How awesome is this news? First the Alo-Hello, now another PB! They're really dishing out the Risa LOVE.

Although I'm starting to think it's fishy to have so many PBs from one member at once. Maybe this is the "Alo-Hello", like Kamei's 17sai which was also shot in Hawaii?
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