MM new single

'Irropoi Jirettai' i believe it is called? it is the first single with Koharu, and Miki and Ai T will be leading YET AGAIN. its like those 2 have become the new Nacchi/Maki thing, but this time, its ANNOYING instead of common, i LOVE miki and airin like the next person but im bloody sick of them! the 3rd lead will be Reina, which i guess is good to see but she lead Shabondama -.- with the good amount of airtime Risa got in Osaka koi no Uta i was crossing my fingers to see her get a lead but i guess its not to be ;_; apparently Yossi and Eri get plenty of time too. When are we going to see Risa and/or Makoto lead a song? EVER? *cries*

does anyone have a radio preview of it or anything?
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Love Bars

I want some Rainbow LJ 'Is Love' Bars! Is anyone really good at making them? here is what id like.
Risa Niigaki Love Bar
Kei Yasuda Love Bar
Aya Ishiguro Love Bar
Tanpopo First Generation Love Bar
Morning Musume 1998 lineup (1st and 2nd gen only) Love Bar

Can anyone help-ish?
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The future of Momusu

What does it entail? here are a few questions for you to ponder, ^_^

1. Whose next to graduate?
I'm going to say Ai Takahashi, she has so much potential for an awesome solo career, and Miki hasnt been there long enough yet, so yeah, Airin ^^
2. OMG! Whats going to happen to Mari?
She'll host a TV Show here and there, will she still be in the H!P? only time will tell
3. How many more singles before Momusu cark it?
I'll give them.....8-10, it will be lucky if they get that many though.
4. How many 7th gen?
im going to say 2 or 3, since he has 5 finalists it would be cruel to pick 4 and one gets rejected.
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Yaguchi Mari ;(

So what does everyone think about Mari suddenly upping and leaving Morning Musume and possibly the whole hello! project? I think its something much more then just a couple of pictures in a magazine, its gotta be something else...pregnancy? marriage? something like that?

what do you all think?

and Yossi is Momusu's new leader!!! i think she will do an AWESOME job.
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Osaka koi no Uta

Hi Everyone, as promised, Here are the radio previews for Osaka Koi no Uta and the c/w called 'Nature is Good' which is an extremely odd title, but it sounds like a good song, someone said that Osaka koi no Uta reminds them of 'Hey Baby' by No Doubt, and it does a little bit!

Oh! and you GOTTA see these little caricatures i made of the Morning Musume gens, they are extremely simple, basically just heads, but i really hope you like them!! I did them with their trademark hairstyles, so thats why Kaori still has her long hair ^^

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New Single :)

Hello everyone!
Has everyone heard the radio previews of Morning Musume's new single 'Osaka Koi no Uta' and the c/w Nature is Good? they are surprisingly a LOT better then i thought they would be, i already like Osaka koi no Uta better then Manpower, if you havent heard them yet, i can upload them here ^_^ <3
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Be Happy!

WHOAH, i went INSANE this time,

This week, we have 'Be Happy! Koi no Yajirobee' by 3rd gen Tanpopo, the song was good, and the people were good in it, but the fact they call it Tanpopo makes me sick, BLEURGH, best Tanpopo ever was first gen!!
anyway, onto the pictures! they are big, and if you save them and then go fast through them, it makes them move, ooooooo,

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